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The Magic of Instructional Design – Thought #3 The Power of Words

In the world of both eLearning and magic, the words we choose, and use, are fundamental to our success. One perennial debate in the magical community is whether to write scripts for magic or not. My belief is without a script, a tight script, even for the simplest of tricks that you perform, you have no pointers and markers. You need to know when emotions can be expressed, where memories can be created, or where “the magic happens”. Like a great jazz-musician, only when you know the tune, and how to perform it perfectly, can you play around the notes and start to “busk”.

With eLearning, (whether or not we have a voiceover or not), use enough words, but not too many. Well-chosen words also need to be meaningful to our audience.

When we receive an SME script or set of slides, how many of the words in the slides or the Slide Notes are the equivalents of a magician filling time with a corny joke, or an unnecessary display of technical skill? Get rid of the filler, (which may require some sensitive negotiations), and get to the point.

Only use words that have power, add strength and have laser-like accuracy.

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