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It’s simplicity to demonstrate powerful visual simplicity with Articulate Storyline…

I was on a Web Meeting yesterday with a new client. I had previously met with the project head, but was not meeting the “team”, based in NY, Miami and South America. Normally, (in my experience), these meetings consist of talking, scoping, etc. etc.

I decided that the easiest way to have the meeting was to quickly (10 minutes) built a mock-up in Articulate Storyline – build a template of what I thought the modules (5 in all – explaining product offerings), would look like.

After going through the 8 slides, I asked “So – how does that sound and look?“, (after having completely “invented” the headings etc.) There was total silence. I thought I had blown it.

After a few seconds someone said “That is just so REFRESHING!  We are so used to courses lasting an hour. I get that. That’s what our customers want – just the facts, and how to use them, put simply”

I countered by asking “How many times do you leave a course feeling that 80% was wasted?” to which they all agreed. I just explained I’d cut out the 80%.

This concept resonated, and with Articulate Storyline it only took me about 10 minutes to create a Proof of Concept that had branding, music, animation etc. but led them down a VISUAL path, led them down a path where they could now IMAGINE what it is we are going to produce.

My job as an ID is now so much easier – they have a combined team vision, they can SEE what we are going to produce in advance of even starting the design. The focus is no longer “,,,5 courses“, it’s “…5 courses that look and feel lke this“. They feel good about it, even though the detail isn’t there yet, so the process to reach the end-point is now so much simpler.

Articulate Storyline gave me the ability to create a rapid mockup with animation, music, voiceover, lightboxes and slide progesssion in a fraction of the time it could have taken me, what a great way to be able to think and respond to client requirements.

Thanks for listening – please pass this on to anyone you think may be interested.

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