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An additional service for (online) Instructional Designers

In the online/eLearning community we often talk about “blended learning”, (more so in my experience than our classroom colleagues). When we talk about blended we talk about a mix of “PC-based” and “non-PC-based” – but how often do we ever seriously meld the two together?

I’m currently working on a first for me – my Articulate Storyline courses will form the basis of the activities that take place when the students on a classroom course “break out” into their groups.

eLearning becomes a talking, interactive, electronic workbook if you like.

There’s nothing “new” here – I’m still using the same Instructional Design principles, I just need to interface them with the classroom activities, each one linking to the other – a dialogue back and forth.

It’s still the same activities from the perspective of the classroom trainers/facilitators, just that at certain points, the teams being trained can flex their kinaesthetic muscles, make some scenario-based choices, and have group discussions based on the output from their choices.

Videos are presented in several formats; for example “video of a meeting”, and “video just showing speech bubbles from the various scenario players – and the people round the table have to act out the parts“. Branched scenarios which play out various endings depending on choices made by the group. All these help to bring the course alive in a way that static workbooks might not do.

Even the old “…please do not use this time for doing emails or texting, there is time set aside for that later” becomes more potent (IMHO) when delivered by a voice you are working “with” rather than a course Facilitator that is just wandering around.

All that really needs to change is my voiceover – because suddenly, I can talk TO them rather than AT them. I can feedback for incorrect choices based on “…less than 10 minutes ago in the workshop you saw that…” and so on.

I think there may be a real opportunity for online learning designers and classroom course builders to work together for mutual benefit, one that has not been truly examined and mined yet. Certainly not by me until now.
How many of us, both online and classroom-based could extend our business circle and business by selling this concept?

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