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3 places to use animated video in your online learning

With the release of Articulate Storyline version 2, (with it’s “No compression” video feature…), there’s never been a better time to consider using HD video or animations in your eLearning. But when?

Click on the blue text to see 3 examples…

1. Use Sparkol Videoscribe to show process and project flows. So much easier to understand than the stuffy old project management visuals you see in many courses.

2. When you want to illustrate an place or a role – why not inject some humour or characters. LIFE has humour, so why are so many people scared to use it in training?

3. Instead of a dull textual question – why not illustrate the question using a short animation? You can also do the same with the answers, and with any further explanations/supplementary learning you want to provide.

You can even create a video by using PowerPoint and saving as a Windows Media Video (.wmv) file type.


Have some fun with Storyline Version 2, (and v1..), PowToon and Sparkol Videoscribe.

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