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Do you ever challenge the “facts”?

Are you interested in the subject matter your clients give you, or just the “training” side of it?

I absolutely LOVE the fact that I get to learn every day, however…how often do we challenge what we see…how often do you check up on “facts”.

Here’s something I learned the other day that I found wonderful.

As Instructional Designers, we need to know a bit about colour, OK – I agree with that.

What are the 3 Primary colours – the 3 colours which you cannot make, and which you mix to make all other colours?

Easy – red, blue and yellow…the ones that look like “children’s” versions of the colours.


If that is the case – why are coloured printer cartridges cyan, magenta and yellow?

Now, it’s true to say that I have no idea how to make those 3 colours, however, apparently this is something that’s been known for hundreds of years, but it’s just never made it into the school books yet. It’s all a bit of a pain as I have just written an entire book chapter about colour (!) that now needs to be amended.

So when an “SME” gives you some material, do you accept it as fact, or find a way to tell them? Another common mis-fact that crops up again and again in the learning/HR industry is the common misconception that “93 of what we communicate is non-verbal“. Search “The Mehrabian Myth” for more information. I have had to point it out as a myth on more than one occasion when it’s being quoted as “fact”.

So have a think about content. It’s what we do. Just try and ensure (to the best of your abilities) that you are not unintentionally nurturing poor factual content, I think it’s a valuable part of what we do as Instructional Designers.

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