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Sometimes – working for nothing just feels “right”…

Sometimes, someone just leaves a great impression.

On the PowToon website, users have a way to request work/consulting from me. Many of the messages I get are either “please do this for me for nothing…”, or personal insults.

Last week, someone contacted me, wanting help with a school project – they wanted help adding “cool stuff” to a project.

Normally, I would just reply with a pleasant reply, explaining it was not a support line, or a “fee help line”, but this email was different.

Apart from wanting “cool stuff”, (which I suggested was not the right thing…), they obviously wanted some HELP, (and had also asked about my prices).

So – I started an email exchange.

During last week, that person and I exchanged ideas, concepts, and what I saw was someone GROWING, someone with an open mind willing to learn, and also being appreciative of the advice I was giving.

I love working with people who show some enthusiasm:

Thanks you so much! That really helped me

Thanks for all the help !! I really appreciate it. 

I added all your suggestions. Thank you

In between each of these was another question, and I really hope that I helped someone grow in their skillset.

Just occasionally, you FEEL that doing something for nothing is a good thing to do. It makes so much more sense than answering the emails that mean nothing.

Today I got an email from the same online form that had 3 words in it – “Philosphy of Education”. If they can’t be bothered to read the form, or use full sentences, and realise what it is for then why should I? I’d rather reserve my efforts for the Stephanies of the world, and Stephanie – I hope that project went brilliantly, it was fun working with you.

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