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Blended Learning with Magical Masters

September 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Many people seem to struggle with the concept of “blended learning”, and when to use it. My view is simple, give it a try, and if it does not work out, and give you the measurable ROI you planned, (you DID plan this when you designed the course – didn’t you?); then you do not do it again.
Sometimes you need to take a risk, albeit a calculated one.
Many magicians extoll the virtue of books (akin to only considering classroom teaching…); books are certainly cheaper in terms of trick-per-dollar, and they undoubtedly allow teaching/learning to take place. Some people like DVDs and the Web, they get to see something being taught and feel more comfortable, and that’s fine too. Both have plusses both have negatives, argued by fans of each.
I was shown a magic site today from Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride – These two magicians are undoubted masters of our art, (non-magicians may have never heard of them), but here’s a great attempt at a blended learning solution – incorporating offline and online media.
There’s video, written essays, discussion forums, and optional 1:1 sessions (at an extra cost – using Skype) with the gurus themselves.
This looks like a simple(ish) model, and although there’s a few things I can see that could potentially go wrong, this looks like a nice learning and business model, professionally put together in terms of look and feel. I know this is already happening in many places in our industry, but there’s still a large community of “trainers” and “education professionals” that would not know Skype, a blog and a Webcam from a bull’s foot. A few people in our industry could learn from this. Use the toolkit that’s available to make learning work.
Good luck to Jeff and Eugene.

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