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Freelancers – Personal Integrity

May 17, 2014 5 comments

Earlier today I was approached by someone to create a cartoon that would drive people to their website. Fair enough. On further investigation, they thought this was “quite a project“, and that before writing the script and creating the “presentation”, I had to learn everything about their business.

I explained that eLearning, (which this had now become) was a partnership between me and them, the subject matter expert, (as explained here). I also explained that I thought doing this would require a considerable reduction in their “words”, as his website (one of my points of reference) was very long on words, yet short on meaning (I put it nicer than that).

He did not seem to like this approach, explaining that he had been very successful for many years. I accepted that he was successful, as was I in my niche, and suggested we part company, which he accepted.

As a freelancer starting out, I may have taken that job, however, I feel completely happy with my decision tonight. As you grow in expertise, you learn what feels right, and this did not, from the get-go. I think this project was ill-defined on his part, and that I would have been blamed for any and every failure. I think this is someone who wanted to abdicate responsibility, and after all…he contacted me, so he must, somewhere need some help and guidance, just on his terms.

Stay true to your beliefs, and do not be afraid to explain these to clients as and when needed. In 99% of cases I end up having a great and productive relationship with clients who I advise, I just can’t help feeling he’s going to be confused when he gets the same advice, over and over from the line of people he now contacts.

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