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Hooray for Online/Mobile Working…

October 19, 2011 Leave a comment

HURRAH! For the first time, I have just really realised the benefits of true mobile working. OK, so I write scripts and eLearning courses when I am travelling, and in hotel bedrooms and bars., using my PC (Samsung RF711)

I also offer a voiceover service with my eLearning, and this time I packed up my Samson C01UPK Recording/Podcasting Kit, and Harlan Hogan Porta-Booth.

Working with an American client, I was able to record 50 voiceover files for an Articulate-based presentation, using my PC in my bedroom, (WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition v5.01), and complete everything to their satisfaction. I woke up to an email requesting additional information to 2 files, and was able to complete the changes before I checked out, and they will receive them when they wake-up.

I appreciate that the “home” recording market also involves many people who only have “static” studios; however, there is a huge market where this sort of kit setup is perfectly adequate. For a couple of hundred pounds, the investment has paid for itself in this one job alone, and I will now never travel without it.

As I was leaving, I got a call from another client who wanted 1 page recorded. Had I not been required at a client site, another job would have been quickly completed.

By all means work smart, but think about whether you are taking advantage of all your opportunities. A small investment in your business can potentially make huge changes to your flexibility, and therefore your ability to service, (and hopefully impress!) clients and potential clients.

Take care and thanks for reading.

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