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And now for something completely different…

July 2, 2014 1 comment

Apart from the fact that a good Instructional Designer should probably not begin ANY sentence with “and”, this blog post celebrates the triumphant return of The Monty Python Team, (nearly all of them…) to the London stage last night, and some complete silliness from a Skype discussion I had earlier.

I was trying to discuss the merits of 14:9 Articulate Storyline slide dimensions with a colleague versus 4:3.

When I type :3 something wonderful happened….

It interprets :3 as a cat licking its paw.

14_3 on Skype

I never knew that, and I suspect you did not either. Unless you are cleverer than me and understand social media more. Or talk about eLearning or PowerPoint slide dimensions a lot in your Skype-life.

If you did NOT know this, promise me that next time you Skype someone, at an opportune moment you will just type :3, and then pretend you have no idea what you did.

We all have to right to be silly once in a while – and on that note “Hurrah for Monty Python!”

I just need to slap someone with a fish now…..


Using PowerPoint 2007 as a Replacement for PhotoFunia.

January 3, 2011 1 comment

I love the photo effects at sites such as, but I am never exactly sure whether I am allowed to use them for eLearning that I sell to clients. I posted about this recently on the Articulate Forums.

Earlier today, I found myself in this dilemma with an image of some food products that I created, (see below).

It is a nice enough image, but I wanted to see what I could do to replicate it, both from a creative and a legal perspective.  If I could not replicate the picture exactly, I wanted to at least use the software as a prompt to spark my own creativity, using nothing but PowerPoint’s standard functionality, and other freebies made available from the Articulate Forum. This is what I came up with. Not a perfect copy, but close enough, and a solid visual concept.

I see so many other folks on the Articulate forum coming up with creative ideas, and ways to use PowerPoint as a relatively good graphics package, it was nice to see that my efforts, (IMHO) stand there with them. It’s interesting to see what you can do when you stop for a few minutes, get some inspiration, and then copy it with what you already have available.

Rather than worrying about if we should or should not use some of the tools out there on the web, let’s use them for inspiration, then use what we know we are allowed to, and just add some personal flair and creativity.

Happy creating.

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