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Great when you find that “right” solution

June 2, 2014 Leave a comment

The good people at Sparkol made a great blog post about me today (woohoo!).

Whilst it’s always nice to see your name, and what you do in print, the really great part is knowing that the client loved what I did, right from the start.

The concept was proposed, (using Videoscribe scribes in almost every slide within an Articulate Storyline framework), and then the more we did, the more it “worked”.

Sometimes you just need to trust your instinct, however, your instinct has to be based on some reasonable thought processes. In this instance, the subject – creativity – was clearly a “visual” subject, so it made sense to suggest using a highly visual medium.

Building short modules, and then also offering them as a consolidated module allowed my client the maximum options for selling the final product, and they all share the same visual style.

“Animation” and “cartoons” are not dirty words in corporate eLearning, they do not have to be funny, and used well you can make it a hugely effective addition to your eLearning arsenal.

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