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Never…EVER…ignore your customers

May 21, 2014 1 comment

I use several software products in my day-to-day life as an Articulate Freelance Instructional Designer.

I have been involved in a Beta test for a product that has made my freelancing life easier – easier to please MY clients.

There have been several features of that product that I have been very critical of over the past few months – they just did not make sense to me.

Today – I was invited (!) to look at, and test the new Beta version.

I have been absolutely, completely, and utterly blown away. They seem to have rebuilt the product from the ground up.

THEY LISTENED (to me and others). The workflow is SIGNIFICANTLY enhanced, the UI is totally useable, the logic is clear.

They have delighted me.

No doubt there will be changes required, but they have been brave, bold, and responsive in al the areas I wanted them to be.

Just imagine what our Freelance careers would be if we had that impact on every one of OUR customers and clients. That level of responsiveness is now what I strive for.

Listen to your customers and clients – ALWAYS. They can help you, and can make your life, and success, easier.

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